Environmental Litigation

Guidance through the complex maze of environmental law

The attorneys at The Wolford Law Firm LLP are experienced in handling both civil and criminal environmental litigation matters. We shepherd our clients through complex environmental regulations and statutes that affect their property and businesses.

Businesses and individuals often find themselves facing liability for their predecessor's environmental contamination in government prosecutions and private lawsuits that arise years after the alleged contamination. The attorneys at The Wolford Law Firm advise and defend individuals and corporations in a variety of environmental litigation matters.

We have the background to assist you when you are facing a high-risk enforcement action. Our attorneys have litigated many high-profile environmental litigation matters. Before founding The Wolford Law Firm LLP, Michael Wolford chaired the environmental litigation department at Nixon Hargrave Devans & Doyle, now known as Nixon Peabody LLP.

Tackling challenging, complex environmental matters

At The Wolford Law Firm, our size makes us efficient and flexible; our experience allows us to capably handle all types of complex environment litigation. We handle challenging and complex environmental matters. We defend clients in all types of environmental litigation:

  • Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) cost recovery actions
  • DEC enforcement actions
  • Grand jury investigations into alleged criminal violations of environmental laws

When you need help dealing with claims of environmental contamination, speak with The Wolford Law Firm LLP. Our trial attorneys will help plan and execute your litigation strategy.