Professional Malpractice

Professional legal representation for professionals

The experienced trial attorneys at The Wolford Law Firm LLP in Rochester, New York defend professionals in malpractice actions. We understand the dedication and hard work it takes to become a licensed professional. Our attorneys provide the best defense to protect your reputation.

The Wolford Law Firm LLP regularly represents professionals in legal, accounting, and other professional malpractice actions. Often a malpractice action provides a complex set of circumstances. We work with our clients to understand their professional practices. Where necessary, we work with our clients to retain the appropriate expert witnesses. Then we prepare our clients' cases for the best possible resolutions.

Protect your most important asset

Our attorneys’ focus is on successful resolution of your matter. If a professional malpractice claim must go to trial, we have the necessary courtroom skills to defend your reputation. Our attorneys are prepared to put their more than 75 years of combined litigation experience to work for you.

When your license or reputation is on the line, you need experienced legal representation. The Wolford Law Firm LLP has the knowledge and experience to protect your most important asset.