Trusts and Estates Litigation

Experienced trust and estates litigators in Upstate New York

Our trial attorneys have experience handling the complex issues that can arise during the administration or settling of a charitable or family trust, or during the settling of an estate. The Wolford Law Firm LLP has experience handling—

  • Disputes regarding a trustee's fiduciary obligations
  • Proceedings seeking determinations of ambiguous direction in an instrument
  • Actions to remove fiduciaries
  • Actions alleging breaches of fiduciary duties
  • Actions seeking disgorgement of fees or commissions
  • Accounting proceedings
  • Proceedings determining the rights of beneficiaries of complex family trusts
  • Disputes between beneficiaries, beneficiaries and executors, and between co-executors
  • Disputes involving guardians

The experienced trial attorneys at The Wolford Law Firm LLP work to resolve these complicated and emotional disputes for individual and corporate beneficiaries in an efficient and cost-effective manner.